Mergent Online

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Mergent Online

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Mergent Online, which is a database accessible through Butler Libraries, provides information on thousands of publicly traded companies.

This interactive tutorial will introduce you to Mergent Online, and show you how to use it to find financial data for a company.  

Use the arrows below to navigate through this tutorial. You can also use the "contents" box at the top of this rectangle to navigate among different parts of the tutorial.  

Mergent Online

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Mergent Online provides company information, including:

  • histories
  • executives
  • long term debt
  • properties
  • ownership
  • financial statements
  • financial ratios

Accessing Mergent Online

You would normally access Mergent Online from the Databases link on the Butler Libraries' homepage, or from a direct link on a LibGuide.  

However, if you're on campus you should already be able to see the Mergent Online search page on the right side of this screen.

If you're off campus, you may see a screen asking for your Butler ID and password.  If so, enter this information now to access Mergent Online.

Finding a Company

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Now you should be able to see the Mergent Online search page on the right side of your screen, whether you're on- or off-campus.

Let's see what financial information we can find about the company Eli Lilly and Company.

You can search for a company 2 ways:

  • by name
  • by ticker symbol, which is the symbol the company uses for trading stock.

Let's assume that we don't know the ticker symbol for Lilly, so we'll search by name.  Type lilly in the company search box, and click "Go."

Finding a Company

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You should see 2 results appear as you type lilly.  

Which of the 2 results is the best match for the company we're researching?


Finding Company Financials

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Click on Lilly (Eli) & Co. This brings up the company's record.  You'll see some basic company information in the top (light blue) part of the screen. 

Take a moment to read through the headings on the blue tabs in the middle of the screen.  Though this tutorial will focus only on Company Financials, you should see the other types of information that are available.

Since we're looking for financial information, click on the Company Financials tab. 

Finding Company Financials

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Under the Company Financials tab, use the 3 drop-down boxes that are set to Annuals, Balance Sheet, and 5 Years/Quarters image of drop-down menu options referred to above

to find Eli Lilly's Quarterly Income Statement from 9/30/2015.  You don't need to worry about the other drop-down boxes.

As you're looking, pay attention to the different reports and time periods available.  Click the Refresh button once you've selected the options you want.

What is the Revenue amount on Eli Lilly's Quarterly Income Statement from 9/30/15?

Finding Company Financials

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You can change the options in the drop-down menus to look at other reports or time periods. 

Remember to always click Refresh once you've selected the options you want.

More features

Notice that there are other options, including Ratios, right under the Company Financial tab. 

image of options under Company Financials tab


You can download data directly to Excel by clicking the Excel download icon on the right side of the screen.

Identifying Competitors

Mergent Online can also help you identify a company's competitors.

Click on the blue Competitors tab.  You'll see a list of publicly traded companies that Mergent Online analysts have identified as competitors within the same industry as Eli Lilly.  You can also compare companies' financial data from this screen, create a more comprehensive competitor report, and download data directly to Excel.

Need extra help?

You've now accessed Mergent Online, found a company, and located specific company financial information.

If you need further assistance, please contact your Butler Business Librarians or visit the library’s website.

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