Mergent Intellect is a subscription database that provides information on over 70 million public and private companies worldwide.

Mergent Intellect’s Advanced Search feature allows you to select multiple criteria to create company lists targeted to specific industries or geographic regions.  This tutorial will show you how to use the Advanced Search feature.

Use the arrows below to navigate through this tutorial. You can also use the "contents" box at the top of this rectangle to navigate among different parts of the tutorial.

You would normally access Mergent Intellect from the Databases link on the Butler Libraries' homepage or from a direct link on a LibGuide.

However, if you're on campus you should already be able to see the opening search screen of Mergent Intellect.

If you're off campus, you should see a screen asking for your Butler ID and password. Enter this information now. Once you enter your Butler ID and password, click continue to access Mergent Intellect.

Begin an Advanced Search

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In the middle of the Mergent Intellect home screen, you should see an option for Advanced Search.  It looks like this:

Mergent Intellect Advanced Search

Click now on Advanced Search on the Mergent Intellect home screen.

Begin an Advanced Search

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You should now see a screen that has three main tabs at the top: Company Criteria, Executive Criteria, and Saved Search. For this tutorial, you will focus on Company Criteria.

Note there are six (6) options for selecting Company Criteria:

  • Company
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Size
  • Financial Information
  • Keywords

Select Company Criteria

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Let's use some of these options now to compile a list of home healthcare companies that are headquartered in Indiana. To do this, you will be selecting criteria from three of the six options: 1) Company, 2) Location, and 3) Industry.

Starting with the Company option, look for the "Choose Criteria" heading, and then under it, click on the “Location Type” option. Then check the box for Headquarter

Next look for a button like this:

Add to Criteria button

Click on this button to add the "Location Type" criteria.  Note you will need to click on this button every time you want to add new criteria to your search.

Select Company Criteria

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Now scroll down a bit and look at the gray section at the bottom of the screen.  You should see that your Location Type (Headquarter) has been added to your search.

Now click on the Location button at the top of the screen to narrow your search just to those companies headquartered in Indiana. Scroll down to the list of states and check the box next to Indiana. Then click on the blue button to Add to Criteria.

Again, you should see that “Indiana” is now listed at the bottom of the screen along with the headquarters option you selected earlier. You should also notice that the number of companies listed next to results has gone down because you have narrowed your search.

Select Company Criteria

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Finally, you need to narrow your list by industry--specifically to home healthcare companies.

Click on the Industry button at the top of the screen to bring up three options for selecting an industry: SIC Code, NAICS Code, or HIC Code. The code type you will use most often in Mergent Intellect is NAICS, which is a code developed by the U.S. government to classify industries.

Click now on the button for NAICS Code.

Select Company Criteria

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You now have a few options.  You can expand the NAICS Tree to browse for a code.  Or if you already know the NAICS code for the industry you're researching, you can enter it.  If you don't know the NAICS code, you can try searching by keyword, and that is what we will do in this tutorial.

First click on NAICS Keyword search. Then click in the box titled “Enter NAICS Code.” In this box, begin typing the name of the industry, which in this case, is “home health care.” As you begin to type, you should see codes appear with your keywords.

The NAICS code in front of the keywords may have four to six digits. Choose the keyword with a six-digit NAICS code. For this example, that would be 621610.

Now click on the blue button to Add to Criteria.
If you scroll down, you will notice that your industry code is now listed along with the other criteria you selected.

Create and View the List

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Now that you have selected all of your criteria, click on the blue Search button at the bottom of the screen to view a list of all the companies in Mergent Intellect that match the criteria you entered.

From the results screen, you can click on any of the company names to access a profile with more information about the company.

Create and View the List

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Congratulations!  You have now completed this tutorial on using the Advanced Search feature of Mergent Intellect to create a customized list of companies.

If you have any questions, or need research assistance, please contact your Butler Business Librarian.