Hoover's Academic is a subscription database that provides information on over 24 million public and private companies.

Hoover's contains a search feature called Build A List which allows you to use multiple criteria to create company lists targeted to specific industries or geographic regions.  

This tutorial will show you how to use Hoover's Build A List feature.

Use the arrows below to navigate through this tutorial. You can also use the "contents" box at the top of this rectangle to navigate among different parts of the tutorial.

Accessing Hoover's Academic

You would normally access Hoover's Academic from the Databases link on the Butler Libraries' homepage, or from a direct link on a LibGuide.

However, if you're on campus you should already be able to see a screen with a blue CONTINUE button that will lead you to Hoover's Academic. Click continue to access Hoover's Academic

If you're off campus, you should see a screen asking for your Butler ID and password. Enter this information now to access Hoover's Academic.  Once you enter your Butler ID and password, click continue to access Hoover's Academic.

Build A List

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At the top of the Hoover's home screen, you should see a menu bar that looks like this:

Hoovers menu bar

Select Build A List from this menu bar.

Build A List

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Let's say you want to compile a list of home healthcare companies that are headquartered in Indiana.

At this point, you can start entering criteria in the appropriate categories.  

Let's start with location.

Build A List

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On the right side of your screen, click the plus symbol on the blue bar labeled Company Location.

Under Add Locations, select State (US & Canada) from the drop down box, type Indiana in the second box, and click enter.  

Your search should now look like this:

hoovers build a list location

Build A List

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Now you're ready to add criteria to your search.

Scroll down and click the plus symbol on the blue bar labeled Company Information.

Check the box next to Headquarters under Location Type:

hoovers location type selected

Build A List

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Finally, narrow the list by industry.  Scroll down and click the plus symbol on the blue bar labeled Industry.

If you know the NAICS code for the industry you're researching, you can enter it.

If you don't know the NAICS code, you can search by keyword or browse a list of industries defined by Hoover's.

Build A List

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Under Add Hoover's Industries, type home health and notice that Hoover's suggests Home Health Care Services.  Select this option.

Note:  If you're searching for an industry and you don't get a result, try browsing the list of Hoover's Industries:

browse a list of hoovers industries

Build A List

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 Once you've entered all the criteria, select View Results at the bottom right side of the screen.

This should return a list of all the companies in Hoover's Academic that match the criteria you entered.

From this screen, you can select any of the company names to access more information about the company.

Need Additional Help?

Thanks for completing this tutorial on the Build A List feature of Hoover's Academic.

If you have any questions, or need research assistance, please contact your Butler Business Librarians!

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