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Hi!  This tutorial will show you how to find Country Reports in the Passport database.

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Accessing Passport

Are you on campus right now? If so, you should be able to see the Passport Terms and Conditions page on the right side of this screen.

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Scroll to the bottom of the database page on the screen to the right, and accept Passport's terms and conditions, which will bring you to the Passport home page.

Finding a Country Profile

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Passport country reports contain facts, data, and statistics to help you understand countries’ economic, political, and business environments.  You will find different types of country reports in Passport.  In this tutorial, you will be looking for report with information on a specific country.

Let's find a Country Profile for Chile. 

You should be looking at the Passport homepage.  In the top black menu bar, select Economies, then Economy, Finance, and Trade.

Finding a Country Profile

2 of 2You should now be on the "landing page" for Economy, Finance, and Trade.  As you scroll down the page, notice there are several search boxes for finding different types of information.

Look in the middle of the screen for the box titled "Country Reports." Click the down arrow of the box titled "Select a Category" and then click on "Economy, Finance, and Trade."

Now click on the down arrow of the box for "Select a Geography," and scroll until you find Chile.

The Country Reports box should now look like this:

Passport Country Reports box

Now click on Go in the Country Reports box to get to reports on Chile.

Parts of a Passport Country Profile

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You should now be looking at a listing of one or more Country Reports for Chile.  Look for the report titled "Chile:  Country Profile," and click on the title to open the entire report. Take note of the report’s date.

Parts of a Passport Country Profile

2 of 2Look through the report to find:
  • Key points & facts
  • Information about the government, economy, and business environment
  • A statistical summary containing data about:
    • Inflation
    • GDP
    • Population demographics & more
    • Imports and exports.

More Related Items

1 of 2From the Country Profile report, you can also see a link to More Related Items on the bottom of the left sidebar. You can follow this link to view additional reports, such as Business Dynamics and Consumer Lifestyles.
Please note that the content linked to More Related Items differs from country to country, depending on the data available.  The More Related Items link may not appear on every Country Profile.

More Related Items

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Congratulations!  You have completed the tutorial on how to find a Country Report called the "Country Profile" using the Passport database.  If you have additional questions, please contact your Business Librarian.
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