Business Databases

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Business Databases

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Hi!  This tutorial will explain

  • what business databases are, 
  • the types of information they contain, and
  • how to access databases on- or off-campus.
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Business Databases

2 of 4Business databases are online collections of thousands of:
  • articles
  • market research reports
  • company and industry financials
  • SWOT analyses
...and more!

Business Databases

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 Business databases offer:

• Free access to otherwise expensive information,
• Immediate online access to articles from thousands of scholarly journals and business publications, and
• Features that allow you to save, export, and share data, charts, and graphs

Business Databases

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Databases are always available, on- or off-campus, with your Butler username and password.

You can access databases through a LibGuide, which is an online research guide created by Butler librarians, or by selecting "Databases A-Z" from the Quick Links box on the Library Website, as pictured below. 

From the Databases A-Z page, you would then click on the link for "databases grouped by subject" and choose "Business."

Accessing Business Databases

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You should see a list of Butler's business databases on the right side of your screen. 

Below each database name, you’ll see a description of the information contained in that database.

Accessing Business Databases

2 of 3On the right side of your screen, scroll down to Mergent Online. Notice that access is limited to 5 users at a time.  Some databases will have restrictions like this, or they may require you to create a free account to use the database.

Which Butler business database requires first-time users to register and set up a free account?

Accessing Business Databases

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To access a database, simply click on the name.

  • If you’re on-campus, you’ll go straight to the database. 
  • If you’re off campus, you’ll see an additional screen where you’ll need to enter your Butler username and password.

Once you’ve accessed the database you need, you’re ready to research!

If you are not sure which database is best for your business information needs, use the handy chart that is provided on the general "Business" LibGuide.

To review the chart now, click here.

Need extra help?

If you need further assistance, please contact your Butler Business Librarians or visit the library’s website.

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